Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of paramount importance.

The application is intended to create and delete albums, upload photos, and collect comments made on those photos. We only ask for information necessary to make this level of integration possible. All actions taken by the app are done at your direction only. Nothing will be shared with any third parties.


All transmissions of data between your browser and our servers are done using industry state of the art SSL/TLS. Transmission of data between our servers and authorized vendors for the purpose of fulfilling the app's primary functions are done so using the highest level of SSL/TLS available.


We do not store any passwords. All passwords are verified by the third party service providers directly. When necessary and when possible, we may ask for a "long lived" authorization token from the third party service providers and store this token on our servers. We use this token to act on your behalf in a background or scheduled fashion when you are not actively participating in a browser session. These tokens are protected by the same private network restrictions and identity certificates that protect the whole of our application's servers. The issuer of these tokens, the third party service provider, will provide you the means to revoke or disable these tokens if you so desire.


We store certain information about you in the form of HTTP cookies in your browser. This information is intended only to improve your RoeRunner experience e.g. to help you log in faster, and is limited to your name, your business name, and several internal identifiers that are not "secret" in nature. Other sites will not be able to read these cookies, and we will not share this data with anybody.

Similarly, third party service providers may store their own cookies in your browser. We do not have the ability to read these cookies, and they are not used for any purpose other than to assist in logging you in or creating a payment profile in a secure fashion.