Frequently Asked Questions
Why am I having trouble importing my photos on my iPhone?

Apply iPhones have only recently supported uploading files via the traditional file browser interface. Because of the way the file browser works, the image files do not "stick around" in the same way as other devices, and sometimes photos can appear missing or all black.

RoeRunner provides a setting to "Save Original and Final" images when importing. A side-effect of the way we import with this setting turned on usually makes importing work correctly event on iPhones.

Why am I having trouble importing my photos on my Mac?

It's a known issue that the drag-and-drop interface doesn't work with iPhoto. If you have your original photos in iPhoto, you may need to export them to a folder first.

Also, if you are using Safari, check in the About Safari menu that you are using version 10. This is the version that comes with OS X Sierra. Older versions of Safari are not able to import and process images.

Why am I having trouble importing my photos on my PC?

Internet Explorer is not able to import and process images. Be sure you are using the newer Microsoft Edge, at least version 13, or a recent version of Chrome or Firefox.

Be sure you are selecting your photos from a real folder on your PC, and not a shared drive or a zip file. Windows can make these things look these things look a lot like real folders, but the images cannot be read like real files.

Does RoeRunner keep me out of Facebook jail?

Facebook jail is complicated. Sometimes you get a more temporary block that only lasts an hour. Sometimes you are only blocked from very specific actions such as commenting, while still being able to do everything else. Heavy usage of Facebook can actually make it more likely you will get blocked for normal usage as much as a day later, and repeated blocks tend to happen sooner and last longer.

Every action we take with Facebook on your behalf is done as you, as the Facebook profile you used to log in. We try very hard to take these actions slowly enough to keep Facebook from deciding to block your profile. However, any other Facebook apps you use, and any actions you take directly on Faceook, all count against the same limits. If your recent usage of Facebook has put you close to their limits, it's definitely possible for RoeRunner to put you over the edge.

It's always better be conservative with your posting and commenting while RoeRunner is publishing, and be aware that as far as Facebook knows, it's you uploading all those inventory photos.

How come I can't find my Facebook group in RoeRunner?

Recent changes in Facebook have made it necessary to add the RoeRunner app to each group's settings before it can be used.

To add RoeRunner to the group, find the group's "More" button, click "Edit Group Settings", then search for RoeRunner under "Apps".

How come sometimes comments show up on Facebook but not in RoeRunner?

Some users have disabled all access to Apps, Websites, and Plugins through Facebook. This is an option in each Facebook user's settings. If disabled, it prevents the user from using any Facebook apps, and it also prevents apps like RoeRunner from seeing any of their data including comments.

This is a by-design feature that Facebook offers to all users, and there is no workaround. Fortunately, only a small percentage of users do this, and for comments from those users you should still see the traditional notifications for those comments within Facebook itself.

Why don't Facebook profile names show up on comments in RoeRunner?

Facebook now prevents 3rd party apps like RoeRunner from viewing personal profile data of any kind, except for those users who have explicitly authorized the app.