Our Story

RoeRunner began life as a vision by a husband-and-wife consultant team just joining the LuLaRoe onboarding queue. A single application that would manage every aspect of our inventory, streamline our online sales, and even make suggestions for ordering.

While we waited in the queue, we were busy turning that vision into something real, then shaping that something into a tool that could actually save us time.

Six months of hard work later, we opened up our app for other consultants to use. Since then, we've been continuing to build our features, grow our vision, and adapt to the changing landscape of the LuLaRoe retail business.

The Team
Ryan has been a professional software engineer for more than ten years, working with forecasting models for the finance industry, route-finding tools for shipping companies, and genetic sequencing techniques for biologists. He is also a coach for the Junior Lego League, helping children appreciate science and engineering.
Kayte is a Registered Nurse with experience in mental health treatment, and a Navy veteran who built bridges and restored power to villages in the wake of Operation Iraqi Freedom. She is a Cubmaster for the Cub Scouts and a Troop Leader for the Girl Scouts.

Together we operate our LuLaRoe retail business using RoeRunner. We leverage our own needs and desires as retailers, and those of our growing user base, to help evolve RoeRunner into the most powerful and helpful tool that it can be.